Kayak & Tube Rentals Campground

Kayak Tube Rentals Campground

We have kayak and tube rentals available with riverfront access to the Schroon River. There’s nothing better than spending a nice summer day on the Schroon River making memories with family and friends right here at Warrensburg Travel Park & Riverfront Campground. Tube – $10 for 2 hours. $5 per hour afterward, pro-rated. Kayak – $20 for 2 hours. $10 per hour afterward, pro-rated. Life Jackets and Oars included.  Kayak & Tube Rentals Campground  Lake George  Schroon Lake

When you’re having a blast floating down the Schroon River with friends and family you will remember where it starts, Warrensburg Travel Park & Riverfront Campground.  The Adirondack Mountain scenery will take your breath away.  The river is so calm and relaxing.     Kayak & Tube Rentals Campground

The Warren County Fish Hatchery stocks the Schroon River.  If you want to get away from the city life then make sure you visit Warrensburg Travel Park & Riverfront Campground.  There is no hussle and bussle here just relaxing fun!   If you don’t want to rent, you can bring your own boats or tubes.  Meet other campers who like to boat like you do!  You’ll make new relationships that will last for ever!    Kayak & Tube Rentals Campground

We offer a great family friendly facility that is very kid friendly.  Explore the great outdoors with your kids and teach them about the outdoor life in the woods.  Take that cell phone or any other electronic gadget and put it away for a few hours and just soak up the sun and breath the fresh air!  Remember what it was like to be a kid again!  Swimming in the Schroon River is also alot of fun.  I haven’t been bit by a fish yet!  I have been swimming in the waters of the Adirondack Mountains for over 50 years now and the only thing that happened to me was a Sunny would nibble at my feet in Lake George.  We hope to see you soon!

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