9D Virtual Ride is back for 2023

9D Virtual Ride is back for 2024

9D VR uses VR glasses to show you 360-degree movies and games. Immersive virtual reality experience brings you a totally different and real experience.

What is VR 9D Chair?

Base on 3Dof Motion Platform with vibration seats, pushing back and sweeping legs. VR 9D Chair uses the VR glasses to show the 360 degree movies. It connects with the motion seats and bring you a totally different and real experience. You can aim at the target with your head and press the bottom in the seats to shoot the target in the movies you see in the glasses. We have different kind of movies which will show you the different experience.

Advantages of 9D VR Chair

1. Shine light with patent attractive exterior design.

2. Ergonomic leather chair.

3. With own software.

4. 3Dof movement platform.

5. Plenty of VR movies and games.

6. With leg sweep, shaking, shooting, vibration, push back special effect function.

7. Mature technology, professional our own manufacture directly.

8. Fast and professional after-service team.

9. Has many successful project.

Adventures for Kids & Adults While Camping with Us

Bring your camera along and capture your friends, children or family members while they experience the world of virtual reality while camping here at Warrensburg Travel Park & Riverfront Campground!

9D Virtual Ride is back for 2023



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