Lake George & Warrensburg Location

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About Lake George, NY

Lake George, sometimes known as the “Queen of American Lakes,” is a long, narrow lake situated in the northeastern United States at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains. New York is the location of the lake. It is located inside the upper portion of the Great Appalachian Valley and empties into Lake Champlain and the St. Lawrence River. The lake is located on the direct land route between Albany, New York and Montreal, Canada, following the old natural passage between the Hudson River valley and the St. Lawrence Valley. The lake stretches around 32 miles in a north-south direction, is relatively deep, and is between 1 and 3 miles wide. The year-round population of the  region is very modest, but during the summer it may balloon to over 50,000, with the majority living in the Village of Lake George district near the lake’s southern end. Lake George Warrensburg Location.

Lake George is renowned as “The Queen of American Lakes” and is one of the most magnificent bodies of water in the world.

Underground Springs Feed Lake George

The lake is nourished by enormous subterranean springs, has 109 miles of coastline, around 300 islands, and a surface area of approximately 44 square miles. The depth of the lake, which is 320 feet above sea level, ranges from 1 foot to 195 feet.

The mouth of the lake is located at Lake George Village and the outlet is to the north at Ticonderoga. The Lake is in fact, 210 feet higher by sea level than Lake Champlain. This is a natural wonder, since the water from Lake George empties through Ticonderoga Creek into Lake Champlain at a total fall which surpasses that of Niagara Falls.  Lake George Warrensburg Location

Lake George Warrensburg Location


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