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Bonfires Dancing Music & DJs

Bonfires Dancing Music & DJs

We have Bonfires Dancing Music & DJs most Saturdays during the summer camping months.

Check the activities calendar for exact dates and times. Bonfires start around 9 PM or when it gets dark outside.

Here at Warrensburg Travel Park, you can enjoy Bonfires, Dancing, Music, & DJs near Lake George!

Weekend Fun While Camping

What a great time everyone has every Saturday night.

Families get together and make new relationships as they dance the night away.

Sometimes there’s a little romance in the air.

It is a great time to bring a dish of food to pass to your friends or maybe try a new beer you haven’t seen before.

There’s so much to do at Warrensburg Travel Park & Riverfront Campground. See calendar of events HERE!

4 Reasons Life is Better with Bonfires, Dancing, Music & DJs

Most people’s favorite aspect of camping is undoubtedly sitting around the campfire at night.

The campfire is where we eat, tell tales, and immerse ourselves under the vast night sky while we are camping.

When we cannot escape to the outdoors for a lengthy period of time, they allow us to convert our backyards into distraction-free zones.

Campfires are amazing.

This is why:


The outdoors and a bonfire provide maybe the best setting for catching up with loved ones.

There are no interruptions of any kind, such as email or Netflix®.

Around the warmth of a fire, we may let our guard down a little.

As a result, you’ll have richer exchanges, hear more hilarious anecdotes, and definitely find out some new, interesting facts about the people you’re with.

Your evening’s entertainment is the campfire, and you have no choice but to be in the here and now and soak in the deep connections and belly laughter you may not have had in a while.

Bonfires, Dancing, Music, & DJs

Campfire cooking is certain to be delicious no matter how you spend your day in the great outdoors.

While it’s possible to make gourmet dinners over glowing embers, nothing beats the flavor of a hobo package or hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls and cooked over an uneven fire.

Always save room for dessert.

Can anything beat the deliciousness of a s’mores treat?

Perhaps, but not when there’s a campfire to be had!

It would be a shame to forget about making s’mores during a campout.

3.) Guaranteed Zen Moments

There comes a time when everyone is too tired to talk around the campfire.

The sky is filled with stars, a cold has settled in, and everyone moves in closer to the fire in order to keep warm.

Suddenly, you find yourself in a trancelike state.

There’s no doubting the hypnotic and relaxing effects of a fire’s orange light and flicker.

When you let yourself get engulfed by the mesmerizing flames, you may find it difficult to rouse yourself.

It’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your Zen moment.

4.) Making Bonfires, Dancing, Music & DJs Memories

Even while spending time around a campfire is meant to be a present-moment experience, it also has a way of evoking memories of happier periods in our life.

Our memories of camping excursions with our families as children are brought to life at this time.

We remember our awkward adolescence and our experience at summer camp.

All of a sudden, we’re back in college, gathered around a campfire with our closest friends, sipping cheap whiskey and reminiscing about the good old days.

Or we go back to the first time our children made s’mores.

For many of us, nothing beats relaxing by a campfire.